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Testimonials - Reiki Sessions

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Aiko is one of the most gifted Reiki Masters I know. Her treatments leave me feeling fabulous and restored.I have received many many reiki treatments over the last 15 years. I have been practicing Reiki myself as a Reiki Master. I teach Reiki myself and choose to get treatments for myself from a very selected few Reiki Masters. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to receive the healing light of the Reiki energy in abundance.                                                       
                                                                               - T. Johnson/Reiki Master, Auburn, CA

I recently received a long distance reiki healing session from Aiko Shimada. It was one of the most beautiful and profound healing experiences of my life. I had no expectations and was amazed to experience very powerful energy movements and shifts which exceeded the hands on reiki I have received from other fine healers in the past.  The next morning I felt wonderful on every level, also more clear and grounded and that has remained. In my knowing of Aiko, I have found her to be remarkably sensitive, her energy and intention is very clean and fine, and she has earned my trust as a healer. I am very excited to continue working with her in long distance reiki healing and I highly recommend her to others!

                                                                                               - Madeleine Sosin, Seattle, WA

Thank you for yesterday’s session. This morning I woke up and realized that my eye sight had improved. I’m very near sighted, so I normally cannot see the outline of objects without the help of contact lenses. This morning I was able to see things much more clearly, and for a moment thought I must have forgotten to remove my contact lenses last night. I had experienced this in the past when I received massage and Shiatsu treatments, and remember how things looked bright and fresh. I’m surprised to have experienced the same outcome from your hands barely touching me.

                                                                                                         - K.W.,  Grass Valley, CA

I have the honor of knowing Aiko for about 7 years now, and I can only speak highly of her as one of the most kindest, honest, caring person I have ever known. Aiko has a heart of pure gold, and she is a natural healer and a nurturer. She is sensitive to the needs of others, and responds with such warmth and good will. When I last visited Aiko for a few days, she offered me a Reiki session before we took off to come home. During the long 2-days of driving through unfamiliar towns, I felt protected and was able to quickly avoid getting myself into circumstances that made me uncomfortable or unsafe. From time to time, I have heard Aiko talk about her dream of some day opening a "healing" space, combining services like massage and relaxing tea room, or the like. Her dream is coming true in the form of offering Reiki sessions and Macrobiotic cooking classes from her cozy home, which I can guarantee will greatly benefit the community of Meadow Vista. 

                                                                                                - Hiroko Asakura, Seattle, WA


Testimonials - Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

I have taken two classes from Aiko Shimada and her mother, Yaoko at their home in Meadow Vista, CA. One class was focused solely on miso- making. The other class offered how to make and enjoy a broad range of other Japanese fermented foods. The teachings from the two classes have been life - altering experiences for me. The first class was an epiphany that sparked an interest in me for all of the Japanese fermented foods as well as macrobiotic cooking. The more I learn, the more I realize just how intricate and complex this diet can be. The art and science behind these healing foods has dramatically changed how I live. My health and well being has improved since I've implemented what I've learned into my daily living.

I've only just met Aiko in February 2014, but made a strong connection with her. I highly recommend taking classes from her and her mother.

I have yet to experience Reiki healing from Aiko, but am looking forward to it soon.

                                                                                    - Neena McNulty, Grass Valley, CA 

Four years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to learn to make miso from Mrs. Shimada and Aiko Shimada in Seattle, before they relocated to California.  Their warm, earthy home felt centering and sweet - almost like a cabin in the woods, even though it was in the city.  I think of it as one of the secret ingredients of the unbelievably delicious miso.  Other secret ingredients include their kindness and laughter.  They both have such a wonderful sense of humor and timing about when to give instruction, when to demonstrate, when to take a rest.  It made it feel more like a holiday than a class.

Mrs. Shimada made her own koji (cultured brown rice), which is normally purchased as it is hard to make at home .  We ground the beans through a meat grinder, and mixed them with salt and the rice Mrs. Shimada had prepared, and then prepared the crocks for aging the miso.  This involved a lesson in developing a good "pitch" into the crock to make sure there were no air pockets.  In other words, we had fun!  I let my miso age for two and a half years.  It lived on top of my refrigerator.

It is the single most delicious and nourishing food I've ever enjoyed.  I have just one small glass jar left and I save it now for if I'm feeling low.  My favorite thing then is to make a bowl before bed, with only ginger juice squeezed into it.

I've known Aiko Shimada since 1997, and Mrs. Shimada since 2004.  Their wisdom and generosity are unique and beautiful.  I've had the honor and privilege to enjoy the delicious macrobiotic foods Mrs. Shimada has made.  I remember especially well a special occasion cake of brown rice and lotus root, with shiitake and carrots.  I've also had the honor and privilege to hear Aiko's insights and wisdom, and in her beautiful voice.  She is one of the most perceptive, caring people I've ever known.

I recommend them both wholeheartedly!  The well of energy and knowledge they bring to what they do is very special.

                                                                                                  - Melanie Noel, Seattle, WA

I had an opportunity to learn miso-making with Yaoko-san when she still lived in Seattle. Yaoko-san is a very gentle, kind and courteous person. She prepared all the ingredients, from organic soy beans to hand-made ko-ji (rice malt) to selecting the best type of salt for making the most flavorful and healthiest miso, rich with good enzymes for our body. We worked on grinding the steamed soy beans, mixing the koji and salt together in a group, and had a lot of fun packing our individual ceramic (or glass) containers by tossing the soy bean patty with all our might (this step is important so there is no air bubbles as you pack down the soy patties). Children especially loved this part! sometimes they have better aims than grown ups! Yaoko provided the participants with a handout that explained step by step process of miso making recipe so that we could try making it on our own at home. The fermented miso was ready in about half a year to start eating, and it was honestly the best tasting miso ever. I was lucky to make a HUGE pot of it which lasted for almost 3 years, and the flavor changed over time into stronger and richer taste as more enzymes grew. I highly recommend anyone interested in Macrobiotic or just simply healthy Japanese cooking to participate in Yaoko's classes.

                                                                                              - Hiroko Asakura, Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed the Miso making class. I took it a couple of times, a year apart, as it was a fun and easy way to make a batch. It wasn't such a big project as making it on my own. I thought it was a good value too. All the ingredients are of the highest quality. I had good results and learned a lot. I would take it again if I didn't live so far away! 

                                                                                                       - Jan Cook, Portland, OR