Sierra Foothills 
        Reiki and Macrobiotics

Bringing harmony and balance to your health

(I'm fluent in both English and Japanese.

Private cooking lessons:

This 2 hour private lesson includes cooking instructions and ingredients.
$125 per person, or $165 for two people
*Extra charge may be added if I need to travel.

Group cooking lessons:
We need a group of at least 3 (and max. of 4) to have this lesson. If you can gather 3 - 4 people, the fee is $180 per group. As same as the private lessons, the fee includes the instructions and ingredients.

Macrobiotic Phone or Skype Consultation:
$85 / hour

Online Skype Life Coaching:
Are you feeling stuck with events in your life? Do you feel that exercising and eating well are not getting you anywhere? Do you feel that you are living the same day over and over without any positive changes? I can assist you to get through obstacles you are currently facing so you can move on. It is hard to change habits, but is very possible. 
$60 / hour
$80 / 1.5 hour