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Classes and Events

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Group and Private lessons 

Instead of having scheduled group lessons, I'm now asking you to bring a group of friends (minimum of 2, maximum of 4) to create a class. The lesson is 2.5 to 3 hour long, and you can choose from the list of dishes you want to learn (see below). All ingredients are included. I am wiling to come your way, too. 

A group of 4 people: $40 per person 

A group of 3 people: $50 per person 

A group of 2 people: $70 per person 

A private lesson: $125

As always, any dishes we make here will be made with mostly season/region specific, 100% organic, non-GMO, unprocessed, unrefined food. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan option available for most of the dishes. The dishes are prepared using macrobiotic cooking method. 

Choice of dishes: 

Most dishes come with rice, condiments, and/or rejuvenating three year Bancha while we sample the dishes we made.

1. Rolled Sushi (vegetarian, gluten free options, no sugar option, white or brown rice option)

2. Healthy Macrobiotic Tempura (deep fried dish of all kinds of vegetables) 

3. Perfect Miso Soup (this lesson will also show you how to use miso in other ways)

4. Healing, comforting Noodle soup 

5. Three Healing Japanese root vegetable and squash winter dishes - Kimpira Gobo (burdock), Daikon soup, Kabocha squash dishes

6. Summer Japanese Eggplants and Squash flower tempura

7. Spring Ankake with green leafy vegetables and tofu

8. Truly Satisfying Japanese Healthy Dessert - Daigakuimo (Japanese sweet potato dish, Mitarashi dango/rice dumpling with sweet tamari sauce)

9. Bento Lunch Boxes 

* Ingredients used are organic and whole foods (v.s. processed), many from the season of the year, as well as what grows locally in the area. We use no processed sugar, MSG, GMO, and other chemicals or preservatives. 

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