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Aiko Shimada

Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Life Coaching Service

* As of June, 2018, I no longer offer Reiki, and started to offer Life Coaching services, both in person or on Skype. If you wish to receive a life coaching session, please go to "Services" page. 

Aiko came originally from Tokyo, Japan in the 80s. She spent her first 10 years in Oregon to earn a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, and moved to Seattle in the 90s. She taught Japanese at lower and mid grade schools as well as high schools and colleges for 15 years while she also performed and toured as a guitarist/singer/composer. 

In her 30s, Aiko became increasingly interested in alternative natural healing. She read and studied on her own many different healing modalities. In her mid 40s, she became more and more interested in "energy healing," and learned Reiki. Through Qi-gong and other energy practices, Aiko recognized Reiki as something that she felt right for her. During her menopausal years, she had struggled with various challenging symptoms, and this pushed her to think about what "health" really was. As she practiced her Reiki healing on herself and others, she came to realize that our emotions and the way we think have everything to do with how our health is. It became clear to her that being disease free or symptom free didn't necessarily mean being healthy.  When we are "Whole", we are "healthy." When our body, mind, emotion and spirit are all aligned with Wholeness, we are healthy. We all have ups and downs in our lives, even the healers do as we live in the kind of world we do, but if we can accept that fact, and be able to re-balance / re-align ourselves each time quickly, we are healthy. If we can learn from each experience, grow, and move forward, we are healthy.

Aiko also completed a course on Applied Kinesiology (AK Shortcuts part 1) taught by Sheldon Deal, DC, NMD, DIBAK at The Kinesiology Institute.   

Aiko feels lucky to have a mother who has very similar philosophy about life, and lucky to be able to work with her to create Sierra Foothills Reiki and Macrobiotics. 

Click Testimonials to see what people have to say about Aiko's healing sessions. Click Services to find out the fee. You can also find more about her music at CD Baby.

Yaoko Shimada

Certified Macrobiotic Cooking Instructor

Yaoko is a graduate of Lima Cooking (Macrobiotic Cooking school) in Tokyo, Japan. She has struggled with some health problems since she was little, and this eventually led her to study Macrobiotic cooking. While In Japan, she taught various groups of people who sought this type of healing cooking. When she moved to the U.S. in 2006, she started to offer cooking lessons as well as annual miso making classes which became very popular among both Japanese and Americans. Yaoko is in her mid 70s, and her daughter Aiko thinks her mother has more energy than she does! Please see our Services as well as Classes and Events to see what she offers. Click Testimonials to see what people have to say about our classes.