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Organically Grown, Wood Fire Roasted         Macrobiotic Bancha Tea

50 grams -  $7 plus shipping/packaging cost of $3

(makes 24 cups or more)

100 grams -  $14 plus shipping/packaging cost of $4

(makes 48 cups or more)

This tea is grown and harvested, and processed in Nara, Japan.

Organically grown Wood Fire Roasted Bancha

I absolutely love this Macrobiotic tea! This Bancha is unlike other bancha teas you might see in stores. This tea is often called Sannen Bancha or 3 year bancha, having to do with letting the tea plant grow for 3 years. Then the tea is aged (fermented) for a while.  The tea is both alkalizing and warming to the body, and as a result purifies the blood. Sannen Bancha consists mostly of the twig and stem, which is already lower in caffeine than the leaf, and is harvested later in the year rather than in the spring time. This later harvesting additionally reduces the caffeine level. Aging and roasting further lower the caffeine content. In the end, very little caffeine, if any, remains. Therefore, this tea can be safely consumed by small children and/or pregnant women. Because of the roasting process, the tea has a very earthy, mild, and sweet (rather than bitter) taste that everyone seems to love. It can be drunk hot or cold (see below for various brewing methods).

This particular organically grown Bancha we sell is the best of all organic Bancha. It is wood fire roasted (the smokey flavor comes from this) and the tea plant is grown using "Shizen Noh", or "no till" method, where they leave the ground as is without tilling, and no or very little weeding is done. No prepared compost is given, yet the soil becomes richer and richer. It is the most natural way of farming where the plants grow more like wild plants. Wood fire roasting enhances the yang quality even more. If you are interested in understanding more about his "no till" method, you can look up Masanobu Fukuoka and No till farming. Also, you can go to Dr. Schweikart article to find more about the health benefits of this tea.   

Here is the list of possible health benefits. This list came from Dr. Schweikart's article on Sannen (3 year) Bancha. Please take the time to read the entire article on his website

* Blood and intestinal purifier
* Supports blood thinning
* Alkalizing to the body
* Heals skin problems that are related to the blood toxicity
* Supports liver and kidney health
* Strengthens heart and circulatory systems
* Regulates blood pressure (both low or high)
* Supports intestinal health
* Excellent for type 2 diabetes and in support of the pancreas (if the tea is infused in cold water to retain polysaccharides)
* Stimulates metabolism
* Prevention of senility
* Supports insomnia
* Has preventative and positive effects against damage from radioactive contamination

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This organic 3 year bancha is imported from Japan. If you are getting this tea 3 year from other sources, make sure you are getting organically grown tea, as tea can be heavily sprayed.  "Sannen," "3 year bancha" is what you should look for, not simply "Bancha."  If you live close to me, you can always come and pick it up from me directly, and avoid the shipping cost.

The amount of tea you receive may seem like small, but unlike regular tea, you will be simmering this tea for a long time to draw nutrients out of it. As indicated above, the 50 grams of tea will yield 25 or more cups of tea, and that is 25 cents or less per cup. This imported tea is organic and high quality, and the specific fermentation process brings the cost up. I make little money selling this tea as I want to keep the cost low. I'm much more interested in sharing this tea with everyone than maximizing profit. I also want to mention that my packaging and shipping materials are almost plastic free, using cellulose bags and paper. 

Brewing methods:

Method 1
In a non-aluminum pot, pour a quart of spring or filtered water. Add 2-3 tablespoon of 3 year bancha, and bring to a boil. Then turn down to simmer and cook for 30 - 60 minutes (or even longer if you wish). Strain and keep in a thermos and enjoy throughout the day.

Method 2
In a quart glass jar of spring or filtered water, add 2-3 tablespoon of tea. You can use cold or boiling water. If you want to retain polysaccharides from the tea for diabetic and pancreatic benefits, use cold water. Let sit 12-24 hours.

Macrobiotic Cooking Lesson and Consultation

Yaoko Shimada (Certified Macrobiotic cooking instructor)

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                  Aiko Shimada (Master Level Reiki Practitioner) 

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